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SMP Origins


+:Can Climb

+:Can Make Cobwebs

-:Has 3 Less Hearts

-:Can Only Eat Meat


+:Immune To Fire And Lava Damage

+:Deals More Damage When Burning

+:Immune To Poison And Hunger Status Effects

-:Start The Game In The Nether

-:Takes Damage When In Contact With Water


+:Has An AOE Breath Attack

+:Twice The Size Of A Human

+:Does 180% More Damage

+:Can Punch Through Cobblestone And Endstone

+:Has Passive Armor

+:Regenerates Near End Crystals

+:Can Roar Like A Dragon

-:Takes Double Damage From Arrows And Explosives


+:Can Throw A Pearl To Teleport

+:Has A Chance To Dodge And Avoid All Damage When It Would Take Damage

+:Cannot Be Hit By Arrows

-:Takes Damage When In Contact With Water

-:Is Afraid Of Pumpkins


+:Has A Chance To Get Food And Wool If It Holds Sneak And Meows Near Villages

+:Deals 50% More Damage And Inflicts Slowness On Entities With Max Health Of 5 Hearts Or Less

+:Has A Chance To Get Fish When Attacking Water (Water Needs To Be Adjacent To At Least 5 Other Water Blocks)

+:Can Make 6 Different Cat Sounds

+:Can Hold Shift To Jump Higher

+:Takes No Fall Damage And Has Night Vision Outside Water

+:Creepers Run Away From You

+/-:Gets Full Saturation From One Piece Of Meat, Although Can Only Eat One Kind Of Meat Unless Health Or Hunger Is Low. The Meat That Can Be Eaten Changes Every Minute.

-:Have 9 Max Hearts

-:Receive Slowness And Jump Randomly For 5 Seconds After Touching Water.

-:Deal 20% Less Damage To Hard Skinned Mobs


+:Resistance To Poison And Withering

+:Can Release Ink That Grants Invisibility And Resistance Against Nearby Entities

+:Can Ensnare Entities By Hitting Them

+:Can Use Primary Key To Bring Ensnared Entities To You. Ensnared Entity Has To Be Within 45 Blocks.

+:Can Use Secondary Key To Push Ensnared Entities Away From You. Entity Has To Be Within 45 Blocks.

+:Can Swim Fast

+:Can Break Blocks Underwater At Normal Speed

+:Has Greater Reach

-:Takes Immediate Drowning Damage Outside Water

-:Cannot Sleep

-:Takes Increased Damage That Ignores Armor From Bane Of Arthropods

-:Takes Extra Fire Damage


+:Permanent Slow Falling

+:Is A Bit Quicker

+:Can Dash Upwards And Forwards

-:Has To Sleep At High Altitude

-:Can't Eat Meat


+:Can Create Lightwires, A Beam Of Light That Uses Refractors As Anchors. Can Be Used To Make Tripwires, Teleport Chains, And Complex Transport Systems

+:Can Make Groups Of Particles Called Refractors That Redirects Lightwires. Lasts For 9 Seconds If Not Placed In A Glass Block.

+:When Shifting, Can Teleport With Lightwire

+:Stained Glass Changes Color Of Lightwires To Give Them Different Effects. Red Inflicts Weakness And Speed And Grants Strength When Used To Teleport. Green Inflicts Mining Fatigue, Poison, And Hunger And Grants Haste When Used To Teleport. Blue Stuns Entities And Grants Resistance When Used To Teleport. Purple Erases Status Effects And Removes Debuffs When Used To Teleport. Black Inflicts Blindness And Withering And Grants Invisibility When Used To Teleport. 

+;Can Bounce Off Walls And Has Increased Jump Height.

-:Loses Mining Speed And Movement Speed In The Dark

-:Takes More Damage From Explosions And Projectiles.

-:Reduced Health, Armor, And Damage Output.



+:Has Natural Thorns

+:Can Turn Dirt Into Grass

+:Can Leach Hunger Off Hit Entities

-:Does Not Stop Burning Naturally


+:Get Haste On Stone And Take No Knockback

+:Can Tank High Amounts Of Damage

+:Can Turn Cobblestone Into Stone

+:Gains Movement Buffs At Low HP

+:Resistant To Fall Damage And Lava Damage

+:Can Craft Some Stones

+/-:Has A Gray Tint And Is Slightly Larger Than A Normal Player

+/-:Can Only Eat Cobblestone, Although Can Break Cobblestone With Their Fists

+/-:Cannot Swim Or Drown, Although Takes Damage Over Time Due To Erosion.

+/-:Is Immune To Some Effects. Some are Good. Some Are Bad.

-:Has To Be Deep Down To Sleep

-:Takes Double Damage From Pickaxes

-:Cannot Use Projectiles Or Shields

-:Takes Double Damage From Explosions


+:You Can See And Mine Perfectly Underwater

+:Can Swim Faster

+:Can Float

+:Can Spit Water To Inflict Blindness And Slowness

+:Can Craft Tridents

+/-:Can Breathe Underwater Although Will Start Drowning After A Bit Of Time Outside Water.


+:Can Consume Flowers And Honeycombs To Get Saturation

+:Has Permanent Slow Falling Unless Crouching

+:Can Jump Higher While Sprinting

-:Food Other Than Flowers Fill Half As Much Hunger

-:Can Only Wear Up To Iron Armor

-:Takes More Kinetic Damage

-:Can't Eat Meat

-:Takes Damage When In Contact With Water


+:Can Shoot A Fireball Every 10 Seconds And A Dragon Fireball Every 15 Seconds

+:Has Slowfalling

+:Has Passive Armor

+/-:Has Darker Skin

-:Takes 2x Damage From Arrows

-:Is Scared Of Beds

-:Shivers In Water


+:Has Elytra Wings

+:Every 30 Seconds, Can Launch Themselves Into The Air

+:Deals Double Damage While In Elytra Flight

-:Can Only Wear Up To Chainmail Armor

-:Takes More Kinetic Damage

-:Receives Weakness And Slowness When In An Area With A Low Ceiling


+:Can Turn Invisible And Get A Short Mobility Boost, Although Receives Weakness

+:Can Repair The Durability Of One Item Once Every 5 Minutes.

+:Gets Buffs In The End

+:Gets Night Vision Out Of Water

+:Takes Less Fall Damage

+:Deals More Damage With Arrows And Has A Chance To Randomly Teleport Hit Targets

-:Can Only Eat Fruit, Vegetables, And Chorus

-:Cannot Use Beds, Set Spawn By Sneaking And Pressing X


+:Can Fly

+:Can Launch Small Smoke Balls

-:Is Slow

-:Cannot Use Bows Or Crossbows

-:Has Five Hearts


+:Is One Block Tall

+:Immune To Damage From Velocity, Sweet Berries, And Cactus

+:Can Climb

-:Deals Less Damage

-:Slower And Jumps Lower

-:Can Only Reach 2 Blocks Away And Attack Range Is 1 Block Shorter

-:Has 5 Less Hearts Of Health


+:Can Spread Spores To Held Dirt

+:Gets Health Slowly In Rain

+:Gets Defensive Buff On Mycelium

+:Gets Offensive Buff On Podzol

+:Can Create Poison Cloud

+:Can Infect Mobs With Spore To Make Them Friendly To You

+:Eating Food Gives Bonemeal

-:Double Damage From Fire

-:Weak During The Day Unless On Mycelium

-:Slowly Takes Damage In Water

-:Has 2 Less Hearts

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