Oresfall is a great server and community to have fun in, but it's also supposed to be a safe and friendly environment that everyone feels welcome to. Because of this, there are rules we enforce to make sure that this stays the way. Playing on Oresfall means you agree to follow these rules and Mojang Studios TOS.


[1] | Minecraft & Discord Chat

  • Do Not misuse chat channels for things other than their Intended Purpose 

  • Do Not use imagery of any Violent or Graphic Nature, if you must do so with Spoilers and Consent 

  • Refrain from Discussion of Sensitive Topics, this Includes but is not Limited to:  

  • Religion, Racism, Politics and other Controversial Topics 

  • Homophobia, Sexism, Racism/Xenophobia are Prohibited 

  • The act of Misgendering others on purpose is not Tolerated 

  • Do Not use Derogatory Terms or Offensive Language with the intent of Harming others  

  • Do Not advertise other Servers within Public or Private chats are Not Allowed 

  • Sending consecutive messages with the Purpose of Trolling will be considered Spamming 

  • Bullying, Harassing or any form of Toxicity will not be Accepted 

  • Do Not use Inappropriate Skins, Usernames or Nicknames 

  • NSFW, Hate Speech, Slurs and other Offensive Terms/Phrases

  • Do Not reveal or attempt to reveal Private Player Information

  • Obey by Mojang Studios Terms of Services or engage in Illegal Activities