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It is our 1 year anniversary

All you wonderful people have visited our website, helping us gain more popularity!

Our Website is now over a year old!


News & Resources

Continually Updated

The Lobby

The launch of the lobby was a huge success sparking interest in many peoples interest in Oresfall.

Oresfall currently contains 5 servers:


  • Solar SMP  (1.16.5)

  • Lunar SMP (1.18.1)

  • MMO Origins (1.18.1)

  • Saturn SMP (1.19)

  • Origins Tryout (Only available to donators!)


New Origins from our amazing dev team!

Lots of new fantastic origins made by our Dev team! The new origins include:

  • The Withered.

  • Inscribed

  • Hexblade

  • ​Myconid

  • Libra

  • Elven Mage

                         More origins coming soon

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