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Minecraft Origins Server

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All you wonderful people have visited our website to help us gain popularity! Oresfall and our website are now over two years old!

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The Lobby

The launch of Eclipse allows for a more suitable server with increased origins granting additional fun to the masses.

Oresfall currently contains 6 servers:

  • Eclipse (1.20.1)

  • Skyblock

  • Saturn SMP (1.20.1)

  • Origins try out (only available to donators)

  • Cosmos

  • Minigames

Planets 2 .png

New Origins from our amazing Dev team!

Lots of fantastic and new origins created by our Dev team! These latest origins include:

  • Kitsune

  • Voidbringer

  • Tempest

  • Inchling

  • Truffle

  • Chameleon 

                   There are always new origins being added!

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