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Hello There

It's been two years since Oresfall was first established, and we would like to give thanks to our amazing community!

Now, here is a word from our Oresfall Owner about how we are what we are today.

Our story

Hi there!

my name is Toon! your friendly Dutch mechanic who watches way too much anime Although I am the owner of the server Oresfall I am saddened to say I am not the founder. There was a 15 year old who made a discord to open a Minecraft server with the origins mod after he saw the mod being played by a famous few YouTubers. but his discord blew up more than expected, one of those many people who joined the server was me. I saw how much this kid was struggling to get a server set up and with collecting many to buy a server.​

I said I would buy the server the first few months and then I could run the financial situation when he knew he could trust me. however, did this not completely go as planned. Once the server was up it was going well, with a bunch of players. not that much lag and the players were getting along just fine. the problem, however, was that this kid wanted to kill the ender dragon so when someone else killed it first he just did /kill @e a lot of times... this is a command to kill all entities, and no one liked it, and under the stress of all players, he stepped down and transferred ownership to me because I was the only owner and there was no other staff but there were like 600 members at the time I opened staff application for everyone and accepted everyone since I didn't have any background information on no-one. I had a lot of luck since most didn't abuse the living daylight out of their staff rank and the server was able to set up correctly. Sadly, there were still a bunch of bad apples in the tree so there was a lot of staff fixing to do. Naya the other owner did most of that. and because of her accomplishments, I made her owner.
Since I didn't have to worry about staff and the discord either because of Naya I began accomplishing more technical achievements. learning more and helping others in the process. Because of personal reasons Naya was only actively take part in our staff for a bunch of months. But as her situation sky came in to help Naya. And helping she did. At that time, I also began educating myself on staff problems so that I could tackle them if Sky and Naya both weren't there anymore. After some more months of less activeness because of personal reasons, Naya became a staff manager, and I became a dictator sole owner. It hasn't been smooth sailing since, in the end, every staff member is a volunteer, and I can't expect people to give their lives to one server, but we are managing things our way.

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